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Who is the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation?

Mission Statement

The mission of the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation is to teach outdoor education and to promote and fund conservation of wildlife worldwide.

Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation (OTF) began in 1981 with the primary purpose of expanding youth outdoor education and furthering wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.

In 1998, with a model provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, OTF pioneered the first public educational curriculum for secondary schools in Texas called “Outdoor Trails.” In 2007 a complete curriculum rewrite helped merit accreditation by the Texas Education Association for the newly named “Outdoor Adventures” (OA) program.

Today, under the guidance of Director of Education Scot McClure, OTF has established the OA education program in more than 1,000 K-12 public and private schools across 46 states.  OTF provides curriculum and equipment grants to schools that have adopted Outdoor Adventures as well as providing avenues for teacher training and workshops without charge. OTF has had great success partnering with State agencies and conservation organizations to expand our life-changing outdoor education program.

With more than 95,000 students currently enrolled, OTF plans to continue expanding the OA program nationwide. With the financial assistance needed to continue to grow the program, and an endowment to ensure that every secondary school student in the United States will have an opportunity to participate, OTF’s primary focus has become the expansion of Outdoor Adventures.

See the new 2021-22 OTF Annual Report for financial information, updates about where the program is headed, and a feature about how Outdoor Adventures is for ALL students!

OTF Annual Report 2022

Watch how Outdoor Adventures is changing lives!

The young lady in the video below courageously tells her story of how learning CPR in an Outdoor Adventures class helped save the life of a child.

OTF Outdoor Adventure Partners