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Fishing Fun for a Lifetime

By LeAnn Schmitt and Scot McClure, OTF Staff Outdoor Adventures, the nation’s premier in-school outdoor education program developed and implemented by the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, gets kids outside! In the last issue of American Outdoor News, we featured the survival skills unit of Outdoor Adventures (OA). This time we focus on fishing, another of the…

Archery the Equalizer

Evidence of humans using bows and arrows goes back tens of thousands of years.  It is no wonder that a skill so engrained in our collective history would be so popular.  Movies such as Brave and Robin Hood and countless others have done nothing but increase the mystique associated with archery and have inspired untold…

Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking

There are hundreds and hundreds of books and websites about camping, hiking and backpacking from the basic how-tos to advanced survival to trail specific guides and personal accounts. These forms of outdoor recreation are perhaps the most accessible and widely enjoyed outdoor activities whether as stand-alone activities or in conjunction with other outdoor adventures. Have…

Keeping Kids Safe on the Water

Many of us are starting to see our yard turning green, flowering trees, and temperatures that we wish would stay all year. The telltale signs of spring for many outdoor enthusiasts means one thing—boating season is upon us. For those avid boaters, fishermen, and water going lovers there is not much better than a day…

Hiking Resources!

The Adventure Junkies is a place to learn more about a new outdoor activity without any knowledge or previous experience required. By combining actionable digital resources and a supportive online community, they make getting out into nature a possibility for anyone. The Hiking resource page in one of my favorites! The Day Hiking Resources page at The…

Top 20 Outdoor Blogs!

Top 20 Outdoor Blogs! I enjoy exploring blogs about outdoor adventure activities, and I am sure some of you do also! These are some resources to share with your students as you finish your school year and plan for your next summer adventure! Blogs are a great way to learn more about activities you were introduced to…


Educator of the Year

2023 OTF Educator of the Year: Mary Driemeyer

OA in Action

How OA prepared one student to use CPR in real-life.

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