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Outdoor Adventures

Imagine kids in your PE class shooting bows and arrows, learning to fish, setting up a campsite, and learning survival skills instead of playing kickball or shooting hoops. Thanks to the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, this is already a reality for 1,400+ schools across the USA and Canada. Outdoor Adventures is aligned with national standards and may be taught as a PE, agricultural science, or elective class in any public or private K-12 school in the United States or Canada.

Each daily lesson is aligned with national education standards and includes:

  • Student objectives
  • Materials needed
  • Resources and web links
  • Pre-class materials
  • Class activities
  • Lesson slides
  • Vocabulary
  • Lesson assessments
  • Modifications
  • Enrichments
  • Physical education component and journal writing prompts

The benefits of Outdoor Adventures include:

  • improved behavior
  • improved academic performance
  • improved mental and physical health

In today’s world,

where screens are everywhere, going outside, connecting with nature and participating in outdoor recreation, is proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and creates tomorrow’s conservationists and outdoor industry professionals.