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Hiking Resources!

The Adventure Junkies is a place to learn more about a new outdoor activity without any knowledge or previous experience required. By combining actionable digital resources and a supportive online community, they make getting out into nature a possibility for anyone. The Hiking resource page in one of my favorites!
The Day Hiking Resources page at The Adventure Junkies.
There is a complete list of a variety of hiking resources on the website, from guidebooks to checklists, articles, courses, and online forums. Everything you need to be safe, confident and prepared to enjoy the outdoors.
The mission of The Adventure Junkies is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone and to inspire people to value, understand and protect our planet’s ecosystems. They have a collection of open digital resources that give you the tools you need to experience nature in powerful ways. Whether you are a hiking newbie or backpacking veteran, their resources are helpful. They offer opportunities to join communities to support you along the way. Happy Hiking!
Additional Resources on the site:
6-day email-course will walk you through all the equipment you need to be safe and comfortable on overnight hiking trips. You will learn what to pack, what gear you really need and what’s simply nice to have.

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