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Spend time Outdoors

Spend time Outdoors

It’s a great time to be spending time outdoors. With the beautiful weather we are having, you can enjoy everything from turkey hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or just sitting around a campfire in the evening with family and friends

Trail Hiking

Whether you’re climbing rocks, wandering along a coastal path, or hiking a rigorous mountain slope, most campgrounds have scenic trails nearby. It’s best to head out in the morning, but be sure to check distance and difficulty before embarking on any trek.

Shoreline Horseback Riding

Horseback riding can be a peaceful experience, but combine that with the gentle rhythm of ocean waves and you have a match made in heaven. Not all campgrounds will offer this activity, but be sure to take advantage of the ones that do.

Bike Riding

What better way to explore the region you’re camping in than on a bike ride? Strap on your pedaling shoes, and head out for a day of cycling. Whether you prefer mountain biking or street biking, most campgrounds support both camping activities. Don’t forget to ask about bike-specific mountain trails or recreational bike paths.

Plant Identification

Though you might not notice at first, the plants at your campground may be very different from those where you live. Instead of hiking just to hike, spend your day IDing plants in the local forest. This not only gives you the chance to explore and stay active, but to learn something new, as well.

Bird Watching

You wake up to their songs in the morning, but do you know what those beautiful songbirds look like? Be sure to bring a bird identification book, and head out to discover who those singers are.

S’mores Contest

Some may argue that s’mores are the best part of any camping trip. So, why not put your skills to the test? This camping activity is great for all ages, and it’s a win-win for everyone participating—and tasting.


If your campground is situated on a body of water, there’s no better way to spend your day than splashing around. Most water-friendly campgrounds will offer kayak, canoe and paddle boat rentals making it easy to get out and come back in time for dinner over the fire.


A friendly game of volleyball is the one of the best group camping activities. If you don’t have enough people for a game, take this chance to meet your neighbors and invite them to join in the fun. Call the campground to find out if they have a net or if you have to bring your own.


This is a unique experience if you can partake in it. Spelunking is the act of exploring caves, and can be enjoyed by most age groups. If you’re camping near caves, ask your local ranger if they are safe to explore before going in and poking around.


Of all the camping activities you can partake in, fishing might be the most relaxing. Grab your poles and head out with your family to catch dinner for the night, or simply enjoy the recreation of it.