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Top 20 Outdoor Blogs!

Top 20 Outdoor Blogs!

Top 20 Outdoor Blogs!
I enjoy exploring blogs about outdoor adventure activities, and I am sure some of you do also! These are some resources to share with your students as you finish your school year and plan for your next summer adventure! Blogs are a great way to learn more about activities you were introduced to in your school outdoor adventure course. Choose an area that most interests you, choose a blog to follow and then plan to expand your knowledge over the summer! You may want to write your own blog about your experiences and then share with others to help them with their adventures. Blogs are awesome resources…and FUN for teachers and students!
Click on the link above to see the top 20 Outdoor Adventure Blogs chosen from over 200 blogs! Author Justin Archer gives you a guide for exploring the best Outdoor Adventure Blogs and learning or expanding your knowledge about adventure activities! Each of the TOP 20 bloggers describes why they believe an outdoor lifestyle is better for everyone. Happy summer and happy learning from the managers at Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation (OTF)! We look forward to continued work in the Fall 2019!
Here are the Top 20 Blogs
#1 Everything Everywhere
#2 Wildman Steve Brill
#3 Underwater Times
#4 Fiona Outdoors
#5 Luxe Adventure Traveler
#6 Travelling Ted
#7 An Adventurous World 
#8 The Bushwalking Blog
#9 Uncover Colorado
#10 Xpat Matt
#11 Rockies Family Adventures
#12 I Heart Pacific Northwest
#13 My Five Acres
#14 Travelsewhere
#15 PureOutside
#16 Back o’ Beyond
#17 Inner Compass Blog
#18 Maman on the Trail
#19 The Outdoor Soul
#20 Hiker Steve
Thanks to Tari Garner, OA Manager, for this week’s blog!